The Complete Guide to Ombre Eyebrow Services: What You Need to Know

Ombre Eyebrow Services

The cosmetic industry has been completely transformed by ombre eyebrows. It is a permanent makeup technique that provides you with a chic and low-maintenance way to achieve perfectly groomed brows. With ombre brow services, your eyebrows will appear natural but defined with a gentle, shaded look that gradually transitions from light to dark. This guide will teach you all you need to know about ombre eyebrow services in Dubai to improve the shape of your brows, from preparation and procedure to aftercare and selecting the best technician.

What Are Ombre Eyebrows?

The ombre brows is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique in which an experienced technician applies pigment to the skin in a gradient pattern using a tiny machine. The method begins at the brow’s beginning with a lighter shade and works its way down to a darker shade at the tail. This technique is not the same as microblading, which is the hand creation of strokes that resemble hair. When it comes to eyebrows, ombre brows have a more natural and fuller appearance than microblading’s appearance of hair strokes.

Benefits of Ombre Brows Services

  • Long-lasting results (1-3 years)
  • No need to apply makeup everyday
  • Customizable to suit your natural brow shape
  • Suitable for all skin types, including oily skin

The Process of Getting Ombre Eyebrows


  • First of all, you need to talk to the technician about the color, shape, and general appearance you’re looking for.
  • The technician looks at your skin type and natural brows to build a customized strategy for ombre eyebrow.

Design and Shaping

  • Using precise measurements, the technician sketches out the perfect contour for the brow.
  • You can make adjustments and provide your approval before moving further.

Pigment Application

  • The technicians at an ombre brows beauty parlor apply numbing cream to reduce discomfort.
  • Then, they apply pigment in a gradient pattern using a machine.

Post-Procedure Touch-Ups:

  • A touch-up session is often scheduled 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure to refine the shape as well as color.

Duration and Pain

The procedure of Ombre eyebrow service takes around two to three hours to complete. Because numbing cream was used beforehand, pain is usually reported as slight discomfort.

Preparation for Ombre Eyebrow Appointment

  1. Stay away from blood thinners, alcohol, and caffeine for 24 hours before the appointment.
  2. Avoid threading, waxing, or tweezing your brows at least a week beforehand.
  3. Avoid using any retinol or strong acid skincare products for two weeks prior to the surgery.

Aftercare Tips for Ombre Eyebrows

Immediate Post-Procedure Aftercare

  1. Don’t let the brows get wet for the first seven to ten days.
  2. To keep the area hydrated, apply the aftercare ointment that was advised.
  3. Stay away from touching, plucking, or scratching your brow.

Long-Term Aftercare

  1. Apply high SPF to protect your eyebrow from sun exposure.
  2. Don’t use exfoliating products on the brow area.
  3. Schedule annual touch-ups to maintain color and shape.

Choosing the Right Technician in Dubai

People often overlook the importance of choosing the right technician for ombre brows. However, selecting a skilled and experienced technician is crucial for achieving the best results in Dubai.

How to Research and Filter Potential Technicians

  1. Seek out professionals who are licensed and certified.
  2. Check ratings and reviews on the internet.
  3. Request before-and-after pictures of past customers.

Questions to Ask During Consultation

  • What is your experience with Ombre eyebrows?
  • Can you show me samples of your previous work?
  • What kind of pigment and equipment do you use?


Lips and Brows offer ombre eyebrows to get gorgeously defined brows with little daily work. This technique gives you the finished yet natural look you want, regardless of whether you’re new to semi-permanent makeup or looking to move from another technique. There are plenty of knowledgeable specialists at ombre brows beauty parlors in Dubai who can assist you in getting the ideal brows.

So are you ready to explore the Ombre technique to transform your eyebrows? Schedule a consultation with us at Lips and Brows today to get in touch with one of the best eyebrow specialists in Dubai. Connect with us on social media for further updates and beauty advice. You can also read our blog to learn more about permanent makeup.


What differentiates microblading from ombre eyebrows?

Microblading includes creating individual hair-like strokes for a natural look while ombre eyebrows produce a shaded, gradient effect.

How long do Ombre eyebrows last?

The average lifespan of ombre eyebrows is 1-3 years, depending on your skin type and level of maintenance.

Is the process of ombre eyebrows painful?

As numbing cream is used beforehand, the process is relatively painless. Most clients report very little discomfort during the ombre brow procedure.

Can I use makeup following an ombre eyebrow procedure?

To achieve adequate healing, it is advisable to refrain from wearing makeup to the brow area for at least ten days following the procedure.

What is the cost of ombre eyebrows in Dubai?

Generally, the cost varies between AED 1,500 and AED 3,000 according to the technician’s experience and the salon’s location.